Why is Furnace cleaning & duct cleaning needed ?

This is the type of question that we ask ourselves when we find a flyer or a business card from any furnace cleaning or Air duct cleaning company.

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Why?    The answer is simple : For our health.

Indoor air quality can be severely worse than outdoor, and could be the cause of a number of allergies, illnesses and infections.

Do we ever take into account the dust that is entering our organism every time we turn on our Furnace or AC ?

All the allergies and respiratory sickness, that we could liberate ourselves from just by maintaining our heater system clean ?

When you stop cleaning your furnace and duct work, the dust from construction, polen, pet dander, animals feces (in some cases) starts to accumulate.

All of these are focus of infections and bad odors.

Now, ask yourself why you should clean your furnace.

How can cleaning your furnace and ducts improve your home’s air quality?PETS ALLERGY

When you clean your furnace and ducts you are eliminating up to 80% of the dust that our home produces and store inside of the ductwork.

Once all that dust is removed from the furnace and ducts, your house should continue clean and your air should be of a superior quality.


How often should your furnace and ducts be cleaned and why?

Your ducts should be clean at least every two years, if you do not own any pets, remember that pets shed hair, and that hair is picked up by the returners and after back to your vents, or if you do any renovation in your home is recommended that you clean them once you are finish with your house in a year.


Do you save energy by properly cleaning your furnace?

When the furnace are dirty they start to perform slower, reason why you turn on your heater higher every time and this produces a big consumption of energy, once cleaned the furnace works better and lower the consumption of energy.


How can properly maintaining your furnace and ducts reduce allergies in your home?

On winter time, the heater is essential in our homes, as we keep it on during the whole season. For instance we have to live with whatever is permanently inside the ductwork, Air ducts and filters accumulate dust, pollen, odors and even dust mites which can trigger allergies. How can you enjoy your home if it’s causing you to sneeze ? . As a result if we have our furnace and ducts cleaned we can breathe easy and also reduce the probabilities of producing allergies in our families and ourselves.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Equally as our HVAC system. The dyer vent should be cleaned at least once every two years. You have to keep in mind that lint can build up in the dryer vent and duct causing low airflow from your dryer causing overheating which can lead to fire.

Be sure to ask your air duct cleaner to also inspect your dryer vent to see if it also needs to be cleaned.


Will I notice any difference after my furnace cleaning and duct cleaning?

The difference is impressive, you will immediately observe how the dust decreases everywhere at home and those strange odors that you did not know where they came from will disappear.


Will there be a lot of dust in the home while the furnace cleaning & duct cleaning process?

Not for sure!

In the furnace cleaning process, we cover all hot vents and cold returns.

In addition, our high powered vacuum trucks create a negative air pressure throughout the system; removing all dust and debris directly outside to the truck.

Can I clean my HVAC System if there is Asbestos Tape in my Air Ducts?

Sorry.  No.

Asbestos was widely used in Heating and air conditioning applications up until 1978-1980.

You can identify asbestos ducting tape by eyesight. you could have it verified by a testing company, or get an asbestos test kit and mail a sample, however if it looks like the pictures below, then is asbestos tape.

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There is three options with this tape: Leave it alone and don’t touch it, seal it or remove it.

We as Duct Cleaning Company, Can’t clean the ducts without disturb the tape containing asbestos, because we connect our powerful vacuum creating negative pressure and with the use of power whips and agitation devices we would finish releasing the little asbestos particles into the air borne on the house.

In those cases, we are only able to tune up and clean the furnace, change filters and do disinfection and deodorization on the system.