Furnace Cleaning.

Our Air Ducts & Furnace Cleaning Process :

– Using a video inspection system we can provide you the video footage that shows your ducts before, during, and after the cleaning process.

– We use drop sheets to protect walls, windows, floors and carpets.

– We properly open up access ports to allow the entire system for inspection and cleaning.

– Our High-powered vacuum unit creating negative air flow is connected into the HVAC system to exhaust dust and pollutant particles out of the house.

– Vent registers and grills are sealed to keep the suction of the vacuum and avoid dust to come back into the house.

– Supply and return ductwork is mechanically cleaned with modern high-powered hoses and agitating devices to loose the dirt and debris to be removed by the vacuum.

– Allergens and contaminants such as dust, mold, fungus, bacteria, pet dander and dust mites are removed from the  system and captured in our   vacuum unit.

– Whipping clean the furnace inside and outside.

– System is evaluated for performance:

  • Furnace thermostat.
  • Furnace Draft inducer motor.
  • Furnace blower belt and bearings.
  • Furnace flame sensor rod.
  • Furnace burners.
  • Heat exchanger.

– After completing the duct cleaning and furnace cleaning &  inspection, the technician will properly seal the duct system with removable cap-plugs and metal access cover plates.

– After we finish your furnace and duct cleaning, we apply  a disinfectant named Benefect, which is hospital grade pure botanical product, meaning no chemicals whatsoever.

cleaning your HVAC system; leaves a clean and joyful environment in your house or office.
Enjoy a cleaner and healthier indoor air, after Aires Furnace and Duct Cleaning completes your residential or comercial air duct cleaning in Edmonton and surrounding areas.