Attic Insulation Removal


Removal of old insulation is a common practice when remodelling your house.

An attic must be well insulated and properly ventilated.

You need to have enough insulation between your living area and the attic above it to prevent heat from escaping.                                                                                                                                                       That saves money on your energy bills and helps prevent ice dams. If heated air escapes into your attic in the winter, it will melt the snow on your roof, and the snow will refreeze down by the gutters, causing icicles and dams.
Your attic should be ventilated so there’s plenty of air movement. It should be the same temperature and humidity as the exterior air. Too much humidity encourages mould.                                               Also, if the wood sheathing on your roof (under your shingles) doesn’t get enough ventilation, it will rot. The shingles won’t last as long as they should and you’ll be re-roofing often.

Your attic needs to have enough vents — whether they are soffit, gable or ridge vents, doesn’t matter. And they have to be open, not covered over by insulation. Adding extra insulation to your attic is great, but make sure you use Styrofoam baffles to direct air flow from the soffit to the top of the attic and that the vents are able to do their job.

Complete removal of all types of insulation affected by fire, flood, or if you just want new insulation installed.

If you think your home renovation might require attic insulation removal or installation, please give us a call.

We use a high powered vacuum system that removes loose fill or wood chip insulation. The old insulation is bagged and removed from your location.